Sunday, December 14, 2008

2009 Lost Memories

R2 France

One of Korea's biggest box-office hits, 2009 Lost Memories, directed by Lee Si Myung (Vampire Cop Ricky), is an action-packed sci-fi movie that combines the concepts of time travel and alternative history. A single glitch in the time warp allows history to evolve into a completely different reality.
In the alternate world of 2009 Lost Memories, Japan was an ally of the United States during World War II and as a result, rose up to become the most powerful nation in Asia. It is now the year 2009. After 100 years of Japanese occupation, Seoul has become the third largest city in Japan. Enter Hureisenjin - an underground resistance force ready to fight for independence. Their path to freedom depends on an ancient artifact that can carry them back in time and return history to its original course.
Two JBI (Japan Bureau of Investigation) agents, Sakamoto (Jang Dong Gun, Taegukgi) and his best friend Saigo (Nakamura Toru, Purple Butterfly), are called in to investigate a terrorist attack at a Korean antique exhibition. Sakamoto soon discovers that Hureisenjin is after an ancient artifact and asks the agency for permission to further investigate. But with JBI threatening him to drop the case and even falsely accusing him of an officer's murder, Sakamoto is forced to run for his life. And so begins one man's journey of soul searching and self-discovery as he unravels the truth behind the freedom fighters' movement.

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