Sunday, December 7, 2008

Inferno - Phenomena boxset

Dario Argento Collection vol1 - R1 USA

A young woman stumbles upon a mysterious diary that reveals the secrets of "The Three Mothers" and unleashes a nightmare world of demonic evil. As the unstoppable horror spreads from Rome to New York City, this unholy trinity must be stopped before the world is submerged in the blood of the innocent.Written and directed by Dario Argento, Inferno is considered to be the sequel to his classic Suspiria. This surreal shocker stars Irene Miracle (Night Train Murders), Daria Nicolodi (Deep Red) and Leigh McCloskey (Dallas), and features a pulse-pounding original score by Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Now transferred from the original vault negative materials, Inferno contains visually stunning sequences of horror that Argento fans consider among the best of his career.

Brace yourself for an all-new look at one of the most original films ever from writer/director Dario Argento, an insane epic of terror, wonder, and jaw-dropping carnage. Jennifer Connelly stars as an outcast student at a Swiss boarding school who discovers both her telepathic power to control insects and the gore-soaked trail of a razor-wielding killer. Can a kindly professor (Donald Pleasence of Halloween) now harness her 'gift' to stop the bloodbath of a psychopath? Daria Nicolodi (Tenebre), Dalila Di Nazzaro (Flesh For Frankenstein) and Fiore Argento (Demons) co-star - along with a pounding soundtrack by Goblin, Bill Wyman, Iron Maiden and Motorhead - in the shocker that remains a favorite of Argento fans as well as one of the most brutally original horror thrillers of the '80s.

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