Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nightmare City, Zombie Holocaust , Killer Crocodile 1,2

R2 France

Incubo sulla città contaminata / Nightmare City / L'Avion de l'Apocalypse

When a radioactive spill causes mass contamination, thousands of infected citizens are transformed into bloodthirsty undead fiends. But these are not your standard stumbling gut-munchers; this is an all-out attack by fast-moving, flesh-ripping, ass-kicking maniacs that can only be stopped by a bullet to the brain. Get ready for an all-you-can-eat buffet of gunfire, gore and gratuitous aerobics where zombies run, chaos reigns and heads explode. This is Nightmare City!Hugo Stiglitz (Tintorera), Mel Ferrer (Eaten Alive) and Francisco Rabal (Sorcerer) star in this wild splatterfest directed by the notorious Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox, Ghosthouse). Originally released in America as the heavily-edited City Of The Walking Dead, Nightmare City has been transferred from original vault materials and is now proudly presented completely uncut and uncensored.

Zombie Holocaust

Peter Chandler and Dr. Lori Ridgeway, in an effort to expose a flesh-eating cult in New York City, set out on an expedition to the primitive island of Keto. The two are soon trapped in the wilderness, surrounded by a tribe of murderous cannibals and an insane scientist, Dr. Obrero. While the made doctor experiments on Chandler, Lori is captured by the tribe and made the subject of their bizarre rituals. In the tradition of the classic film, Zombie, Ian McCulloch reprises his role of a New Yorker faced with primal horror.

Killer Crocodile 1,2

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