Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Police Assassins-aka Yes, Madam


Police Assassins combines a mismatched detective buddy movie with Three Stooges-style buffoonery. Making the mixture more unusual still, both detectives are female, Michelle Yeoh (Magnificent Warriors), in only her second film, joining forces with American martial arts legend Cynthia Rothrock (China O'Brien), in her then debut, to track down some missing microfilm. After introducing Yeoh in a direct steal from Dirty Harry the plot stagnates as the microfilm falls into the hands of small-time crooks, Asprin (Hoi Mang), Strepsil (John Sham) and Panadol (action movie producer Hark Tsui). Though their physical comedy is ingeniously choreographed the routine rapidly becomes tiresome, far too little space being given to Yeoh and Rothrock. The latter's 1980s' fashions date the movie and the dubbing is dreadful, though entertainment is to be had from a supporting villain who looks strangely like Groucho Marx on a very bad hair day. For martial arts fans the film nevertheless delivers several excellent fight scenes and an inventive and exciting finale. Collectors should know Police Assassins has also been released as In the Line of Duty 2, Super Cops and Yes, Madam, the last of which is actually the English title on this print.

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