Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tenebre - Profondo Rosso / Deep Red


Following the worldwide success of Suspiria and Inferno, Master Of Horror Dario Argento returned to the giallo genre with the shocker that remains one of the director's greatest. Anthony Franciosa stars as an American mystery novelist on a promotional tour in Rome who finds that his most recent book has inspired a copycat serial killer. When the psychotic impulse becomes irresistible, does freedom await in the simple act of annihilation? John Saxon (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Daria Nicolodi (Deep Red) and John Steiner (Caligula) co-star - along with a nerve-shredding score by Goblin and a mind-blowing twist ending - in this classic of sexual corruption, savage bloodshed and virtuoso filmmaking that fans and critics hail as an Argento masterpiece.

Profondo Rosso/Deep Red
An English jazz pianist living in Rome witnesses the brutal hatchet murder of a renowned psychic and is quickly drawn into the savage crime. With the help of a tenacious female reporter, the pair track a twisted trail of deranged clues and relentless violence towards a shocking climax that has ripped screams from the throats of audiences for more than 30 years!Deep Red stars David Hemmings (Blow-Up) and Daria Nicolodi (Phenomena, Tenebre), and is widely considered by both fans and critics alike to be Dario Argento's true masterpiece. Now, with the cooperation of the maestro himself, this classic shocker is presented in its full-length Director's Cut - remixed in 5.1 Dolby Digital, uncut and uncensored for the first time ever!

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