Monday, January 26, 2009

The Howling

R2 Spain

Dee Wallace stars as Karen White, a popular female reporter in Los Angeles who cannot escape the horror of a traumatic experience that she suffered while trying to capture a dangerous serial killer. When her psychologist (played by Patrick Macnee) recommends a retreat to The Colony, up the Northern California coast, she reluctantly agrees hoping to recover from her nightmarish visions. Karen and her husband (played by Christopher Stone) arrive at the remote retreat and are shocked at the bizarre behaviour of the motley crew of residents. Lurking in the ominous Northern California woods, blanketed by fog, strange sounds can be heard at night, luring the members of the retreat into the forest. In anguish, Karen stumbles on the deadly secret of the community: when sexually excited, they turn into werewolves! Based on the best-selling novel by Gary Brandner, this horror film makes effective use of the classic werewolf tale.


Sub_Solidsnake said...

Já ando à algum tempo para comprar este filme. Diz-me uma coisa. Essa edição tem legendas em português ?

siebenburgen said...

Sim tem legendas em português , os discos devem ser iguais aos da edição antiga.