Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Redneck Zombies


Fangoria "A backwoods blood-bath that'll tickle your funny bone then rip it out!"

When redneck dirt-farmers accidentally drink a barrel of nuclear waste they transform into tobacco chewing, flesh eating, cannibal kinfolk from hell! Meanwhile, seven sophisticated city slickers on vacation get lost in the woods and encounter a nightmare world of these illiterate, and extremely hungry, undead appalachains. While the tourists hikers use all their wits and courage to stay alive, more and more "down-home" types imbibe the nasty brew until Redneck Zombies are everywhere. What started as a scenic nature-hike turns into a bloodbath of dismemberment and cannibalism! Redneck Zombies, the directorial debut of effects genius Pericles Lewnes (Troma’s War, Toxic Avenger Part II and III), was the first feature film shot on video!

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