Saturday, May 9, 2009

Outlaw Brothers


Even if crime never pays, it certainly plays fast and furious in this action comedy about two car thieves caught between the lawless and the law. Action-director Frankie Chan ("Prodigal Son") delivers a fun and funky fable of fast cars, femmes fatales, and kung furious action.
A ruthless Hong Kong gang boss gives James (Frankie Chan) and his partner (Max Mok Siu Chung, "Magic Crystal") twenty-four hours to steal a consignment of Porsches, or else... Hot on their trail are both high-kicking lady cop Tequila (Yukari Oshima, "Millionaire's Express") and Japanese crime queen Miego (Michiko Nishiwaki). These two Nipponese firecrackers and a wild bunch of western henchmen give our heroes their most dangerous ride ever.
"Outlaw Brothers" provides a perfect blend of comic character play, cutting edge street racing, and high impact martial arts action. Action queen Yukari Oshima establishes herself as one of Hong Kong's all-time great female furies.

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