Monday, June 29, 2009

Megadeath -Rude Awakening DVD

Rude Awakening is Megadeth's visual companion to the double live CD of the same name. Watch Mustaine and his band rip through some of their best tracks.


'Dread And The Fugitive Mind'
'Kill The King'
'Wake Up Dead'
'In My Darkest Hour'
'Angry Again'
'She Wolf'
'Reckoning Day'
'Devil's Island'
'Train Of Consequences'
'A Tout Le Mond'
'Burning Bridges'
'Hangar 18'
'Return To Hangar'
'Hook In Mouth'
'Almost Honest'
'1000 Times Goodbye'
'Tornado Souls'
'Ashes In Your Mouth'
'Sweating Bullets'
'Symphony Of Destruction'
'Peace Sells'
'Holy Wars'.

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