Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sleepless - Non Ho Sonno

R1 Canada

The ultimate nightmare dreamed wide-awake!
Dario Argento, the undisputed Master of Horror, returns to form in this serial killer shocker. Retired Detective, Moretti (Max von Sydow) is asked to assist in the investigation of a series of brutal murders that bear all the signs of a case he worked on 17 years ago. The Dwarf Murders included the violent death of the mother of Giacomo (Stefano Dionisi) whose killer Moretti has promised to find.
Giacomo returns to Turin and stays with his friend Lorenzo (Roberto Zibetti). When the killer strikes again, Moretti finally agrees to help and together with Giacomo starts to unravel the mystery and fulfill his promise from years before.
From the opening credits accompanied by the eerie soundtrack, Dario Argento's unique style is evident as he creates a visual nightmare recalling favorite elements from his previous films: - the black gloved killer , the selection of shiny knives against red material, close ups of bloody weapons and beautiful women.

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