Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fighter In The Wind (aka: Baramui Fighter)

R2 France

Based on the comic-book adventure detailing the events in the life of legendary Korean martial artist Choi Bae-dal. Eighteen year old Bae-dal smuggles himself into Japan to enroll in an aviation school but instead finds himself being forced into the Kamikaze program. He resists and fights with the Japanese instructor, Kato, who is a karate master and captain of the program. Bae-dal is shamefully defeated and earns Kato's scorn. His pride deeply hurt, he is determined to get stronger and learn real fighting skills. He happens to meet Bum-soo again and obtains a copy of Musashi Miyamoto's 'Book of Five Rings', a book revealing techniques on how to fight and survive. The encounter with Bum-soo is a turning point for Bae-dal; he begins to wander the streets at night, saving women and others from bullies and robbers. However, when his master Bum-soo is brutally killed by Japanese gangsters Bae-dal is filled with anger and desire for revenge. He goes to the mountains and commits himself to intense self-training before embarking on a journey to fight and defeat top martial arts masters across Japan...Yang Yun-ho fashions an entertaining martial arts action film, echoing with moral complexity as geisha girlfriend (Ara Hirayama), rescued from a life of servitude, tries to turn Choi into a lover not a fighter and elder statesmen of the Japanese martial arts community who will go to any lengths to keep a Korean from becoming Japan's best.. It is one of the first films to explore the injustices of the oppressed Korean community in Japan, both pre and post WWII.


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