Wednesday, September 23, 2009


R2 Portugal

Shortly after The Terminator wrote his name in bold neon lights across box-office grosses, this action thriller took advantage of the hitherto (almost) unexploited comic side of star Arnold Schwarzenegger and paired him with Rae Dawn Chong. Colonel Matrix (Schwarzenegger) is retired and living peaceably with his 10-year-old daughter when she is kidnapped by the henchmen of an exiled Latin American dictator. The dictator's plan is to reinstate himself in power by eliminating the president of his country, using Matrix to kill him (or he will kill the kidnapped daughter). Matrix escapes from the plane that is supposed to be carrying him to his mission and then proceeds to go from one violent confrontation to the next as he hunts down the dictator and moves to rescue his daughter. Helping him is Cindy (Chong), who has her own reasons for wanting the dictator dead.


António Neves said...

Grande filme.

"Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last?"
"That's right, Matrix. You did."
"I lied."

Arnold na sua época dourada.

siebenburgen said...

Sem duvida ,já não fazem filmes como o Commando :(
Os diálogos são demais e esse muito bom mesmo!

Obrigado pela visita oinotna7 e vai aparecendo.


Anonymous said...

Essa versão está censurada.

siebenburgen said...

Infelizmente está, mas na altura que comprei não existia mais nenhuma.