Wednesday, September 2, 2009

R Point

R2 Portugal

A mysterious radio signal prompts a troop of South Korean soldiers to set out in search of a missing patrol unit, only to find that the horrors of war aren't limited to the human realm in director Su-Chang Kong's tale of supernatural terror on the battlefield. As the Vietnam War rages, a South Korean army base begins receiving radio contact from a patrol unit that has been missing in action for nearly six months. With resources dwindling and the battle taking its toll on the fatigued troops, the determined but shell-shocked commanding officer leads his unit on a brave rescue mission to the source of the signal - a war-torn parcel of land known only as R-point that is seemingly devoid of human presence. But there is a presence there, and when it finally makes itself known to the weary soldiers, the one-time rescue mission quickly becomes a harrowing struggle for survival against a force more deadly than any war.


Jef said...

Muito bom esse filme!!! Aqui saiu em uma edição digipack!

siebenburgen said...

Aqui em Portugal saiu num simples amaray e é muito dificil de arranjar:)
Sem duvida que é um grande filme!

Obrigado pela visita Jef:)