Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Sonny Chiba Collection vol1


The Killing Machine (Dir. Norifumi Suzuki, 1975): Sonny Chiba stars as real life master Doshin So, originator of Shorinji Kenpo, who comes to the aid of orphans and a young girl forced into prostitution in post-war Japan. However, corrupt authorities are unwilling to allow him to open a martial arts school and the stage is set for a bloody showdown...

Yakuza Deka (Dir. Yukio Noda, 1970): Tough thriller starring the inimitable unstoppable force of Japanese action cinema, Sonny Chiba!

The Assassin (Dir. Tatsuichi Takamori, 1977): It was a bloodbath. Part fists... Part hell... Part death... Pure dynamite!

An all-action crime tale; everything you've come to expect from Sonny Chiba and more!

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