Saturday, November 21, 2009

Initial D


Infernal Affairs powerhouse Andy Lau and Alan Mak bring the most popular manga in Japan screaming to life in this in this live-action look at the high-speed sport of "drifting" that shot straight to the top of the Hong Kong box office. Eighteen-year-old Takumi (Jay Chou) is never late for a tofu delivery, and though he speeds the tofu to its destinations with the velocity of a landlocked stealth plane, his true aspiration in life is to follow in the footsteps of his formerly fast-driving father (Anthony Wong) -- an ex-adrenaline junkie who eventually gave up the race track for the restaurant business. In his five years delivering meals from his father's restaurant Takumi has learned the streets of his hometown like the back of his hand, and he can take every corner with the needle planted firmly on the right. The trick to Takumi's amazing driving skills is a technique known as "drifting," and in a world where high-risk racing has spilled out of the tracks and onto the streets, this daring driver is about to become a legend.


Spawn said...

Muito bom filme sobre street racing japones.
Também tenho, mas é uma edição R3 Hong Kong, da qual tenho fotos no meu blog.

siebenburgen said...

Obrigado pelo comentário Spawn.
Acabei de ver no teu blog essa edição de Hong Kong tambem é muito boa.
Parece que somos os unicos a gostar deste filme nunca vi nenhum nos blogs do costume:)