Friday, November 13, 2009

Kiss of the Dragon

R2 Spain

This action thriller co-written by filmmaker Luc Besson stars Jet Li as Liu Jian, a Chinese intelligence officer in Paris on an assignment that finds him in the midst of an international conspiracy. When Liu's investigation gets too close to uncovering the truth, his life is seriously jeopardized and he's forced to creatively employ his martial arts skills, which includes using a pool ball and the French flag as defensive props. In the meantime, romantic sparks fly between Liu and a sexy witness (Bridget Fonda), while the agent discovers that a trusted French peer (longtime Besson featured player Tcheky Karyo) is actually the double-crossing criminal mastermind he's seeking.


Pirika's dvd collection said...

o jet é muito bom, gosto muito dele, mesmo nos filmes americanos.


siebenburgen said...

Também gosto muito dos filmes dele ,mesmo os americanos.
Kiss of the Dragon é co-produção francesa neste caso é menos americano:)

Obrigado pela visita.