Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Warriors

R2 Portugal

Tonight they're all out to get the Warriors.

A battle of gigantic proportions is looming in the neon underground of New York City. The armies of the night number 100,000; they outnumber the police 5 to 1; and tonight they're after the Warriors - a street gang unfairly blamed for a rival gang leader's death.

This contemporary action-adventure story takes place at night, underground, in the sub-culture of gang warfare that rages from the Bronx to Coney Island Bay, as the Warriors desperately try to get back home. Members of the Warriors fight for their lives, seek to survive in the urban jungle and learn the meaning of loyalty.

From Hell

Region 2 Portugal

From Hell is a gory detective film cloaked in Victorian-era mystique. The movie depicts how the serial killer Jack the Ripper stalked the dark streets of 1888 London, slaying prostitutes and crudely dissecting their bodies. Based on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, this moody chiller is directed by twin brothers Albert and Allen Hughes.

While Jack the Ripper ruled the streets of London, terror reined. His savagery implied insanity, but his diabolical precision pointed to a method in his madness. In 1888 London, the unfortunate poor lead horrifying lives in the cites slums. Harassed by gangs and forced to walk the streets for a living, Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) and her small group of companions are terrorised when their friend is kidnapped and another in their group is gruesomely murdered.

The sinister murder grabs the attention of inspector Fred Abberline (Johnny Depp), a brilliant yet troubled man whose police work is often aided by his psychic abilities. Abberline becomes deeply involved with the case and as he gets closer to the truth it becomes more and more dangerous for Abberline, Mary and the other girls. Will they be able to survive the avenging force that has been sent after them from Hell?


Sleepy Hollow

R2 Portugal

Heads will roll

Master storyteller Tim Burton (Batman, Edward Scissorhands) weaves an eerie, enchanting version of this classic tale of horror. Johnny Depp is Ichabod Crane, an eccentric investigator determined to stop the murderous Headless Horseman. Christina Ricci is Katrina Van Tassel, the beautiful and mysterious girl with secret ties to the supernatural terror...

Das Experiment

Region 2 Portugal

The Experiment is based on the infamous "Stanford Prison Experiment" conducted in 1971. A makeshift prison is set up in a research lab, complete with cells, bars and surveillance cameras. For two weeks 20 male participants are hired to play prisoners and guards. The 'prisoners' are locked up and have to follow seemingly mild rules, and the 'guards' are told simply to retain order without using physical violence. Everybody is free to quit at any time, thereby forfeiting payment. In the beginning the mood between both groups is insecure and rather emphatic. But soon quarrels arise and the wardens employ ever more drastic sanctions to confirm their authority.


Sleepless - Non Ho Sonno

R1 Canada

The ultimate nightmare dreamed wide-awake!
Dario Argento, the undisputed Master of Horror, returns to form in this serial killer shocker. Retired Detective, Moretti (Max von Sydow) is asked to assist in the investigation of a series of brutal murders that bear all the signs of a case he worked on 17 years ago. The Dwarf Murders included the violent death of the mother of Giacomo (Stefano Dionisi) whose killer Moretti has promised to find.
Giacomo returns to Turin and stays with his friend Lorenzo (Roberto Zibetti). When the killer strikes again, Moretti finally agrees to help and together with Giacomo starts to unravel the mystery and fulfill his promise from years before.
From the opening credits accompanied by the eerie soundtrack, Dario Argento's unique style is evident as he creates a visual nightmare recalling favorite elements from his previous films: - the black gloved killer , the selection of shiny knives against red material, close ups of bloody weapons and beautiful women.

The Driller Killer

Region 2 UK

Director Abel Ferrara's (Bad Lieutenant) first major feature has an infamous reputation but is actually more of an art film than a straightforward bloodletter. Tortured and penniless artist Reno (Ferrara) and his girlfriends Carol (Carolyn Marz) and Pamela (Baybi Day) hang out at their New York loft, enduring such problems as the phone bill, the rent, and a rock band that's always practicing downstairs. When it all becomes too much, Reno grabs his drill and runs through the city on all-night rampages. Eventually, Carol moves out, Reno's paintings don't sell, and things just get worse. Shot on gritty 16mm, The Driller Killer has a distinctly 1970s New York underground artistic quality that makes it seem like a cross between Taxi Driver and Andy Warhol's Trash.


Evil Ed

                                                                            R2 Spain

Faust: La Venganza Está en la Sangre

                                                                         R2 Spain

Monday, June 29, 2009

Megadeath -Rude Awakening DVD

Rude Awakening is Megadeth's visual companion to the double live CD of the same name. Watch Mustaine and his band rip through some of their best tracks.


'Dread And The Fugitive Mind'
'Kill The King'
'Wake Up Dead'
'In My Darkest Hour'
'Angry Again'
'She Wolf'
'Reckoning Day'
'Devil's Island'
'Train Of Consequences'
'A Tout Le Mond'
'Burning Bridges'
'Hangar 18'
'Return To Hangar'
'Hook In Mouth'
'Almost Honest'
'1000 Times Goodbye'
'Tornado Souls'
'Ashes In Your Mouth'
'Sweating Bullets'
'Symphony Of Destruction'
'Peace Sells'
'Holy Wars'.

Metallica - Load


Region 2 Spain

The future could be history!

Eighty years in the future, time is running out on mankind. The only hope rests with a brave time traveller who must return to the past to change history...and alter Earth's destiny. 2084. After decades of intense fighting, an alien invasion force is close to destroying what's left of the world. In a last-ditch effort to save the human race, a guerrilla fighter named Miri leaps into a waiting Time Shifter. With the Alien Wars set to begin in 72 hours, she tricks Miyamoto, a skilled martial arts expert and gunman, into joining her cause. Together the two launch an all-out assault on the local crime lord who's captured a spaceship - and imprisoned its extraterrestrial pilot. Now the Returner and her partner must free the captive alien before warships begin to attack the planet in this sci-fi thriller packed with dazzling special effects and blazing martial arts action.



Region 1

Born into a world filled with prejudice are children who possess extraordinary and dangerous powers - the result of unique genetic mutations. Cyclops unleashes bolts of energy from his eyes. Storm can manipulate the weather at will. Rogue absorbs the life force of anyone she touches. But, under the tutelage of Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), these and other outcasts learn to harness their powers for the good of mankind. Now they must protect those who fear them as the nefarious Magneto (Ian McKellen), who believes humans and mutants can never co-exist, unveils his sinister plan for the future...


Freddy vs. Jason

Region 2 Portugal

It's the battle everyone's been dying to see! Teenagers find themselves caught in the middle of a battle between two legendary boogeymen: Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Who will win in the bloodiest and goriest showdown in history?



R2 Portugal

The Doyle family moves to a small town in California where they plan on starting a new life while running a long-abandoned funeral home. The locals fear the place, which is suspected to be on haunted ground, and the rumours of the Flower family legend refuse to die.

The Doyles soon discover that something lurks in the vaults below their new home. Something so sinister that the previous residents, alive and dead, have no intention of leaving them alone...

Class of 1999

Region 2 UK

When Miles Langfore (Malcolm McDowell), the head of Kennedy High School, decides to take his school back from the gangs, robotics specialist Dr. Robert Forrest (Stacy Keach) provides "tactical education units". These are amazingly human-like androids that have been programmed to teach and are supplied with devastatingly effective solutions to discipline problems. So when the violent, out-of-control students of Kennedy High report for class tomorrow, they're going to get a real education... in staying alive!


Shock Waves

Region 1

Beneath the living, beyond the dead, they rose from the depths of hell's ocean! In the dark days of World War II, the Nazi High Command ordered its scientists to create the Death Corps, a top secret race of indestructible zombie storm troopers--un-living, unfeeling, unstoppable monstrosities able to kill with their bare hands. No member of this horrific SS unit was ever captured by the Allied forces--and somewhere off the coast of Florida, they have survived. Peter Cushing, Brooke Adams, and John Carradine star in this suspenseful and genuinely creepy shocker co-written and directed by Ken Wiederhorn. One of the great horror "sleepers" of the ‘70s, "Shock Waves" has now been transferred from the director's own vault print and digitally restored for this premiere DVD release!


Dog Soldiers

Region 1

A visceral horror about a squad of British soldiers on a routine training exercise in the wilds of Scotland. Their greatest worry is missing the football until they stumble upon Captain Ryan - the sole survivor of a Special Operations team literally torn to pieces. Ryan refuses to reveal the secret of his mission even though whoever ate his men is keen for second helpings.

Luckily local girl Megan leads them to a deserted farmhouse deep in the forest, but when they realise that this is home to a pack of vicious werewolves it's apparent their nightmare has only just begun. Sean Pertwee stars as the sardonic sergeant, with Kevin McKidd as the heroic private and Liam Cunningham as the utterly twisted Ryan. With only each other to rely on, the battle between men and monsters is also a battle amongst themselves - in which loyalty, bravery and ingenuity is truly put to the test.



R2 Portugal

The time is 1979. Jimmy Bones is respected and loved as the neighborhood protector. When he is betrayed and brutally murdered by a corrupt cop, Bones' elegant brownstone becomes his tomb, Twenty-two years later, the neighborhood has become a ghetto, and his home has turned into a Gothic ruin. Four teens renovate it as an after hours nightclub, unknowingly releasing Jimmy's tortured spirit. Its thrills and chills when blood spills when Jimmy's ghost sets about its frightful revenge, his killers unaware of the gruesome fate that awaits them. With each new victim, the terror mounts, and Bones' vengeance spins out of control, threatening everyone in his path, including his former lover, Pearl. Get ready for Bones!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Romper Stomper

R2 Portugal

You've never seen anything like it.

An utterly engrossing story of rampaging neo-Nazi skinheads that may well be one of the most disturbing films. It's intoxicating violence and willingness to suspend moral judgement on its hypnotic characters make the film complex.

Emotionally powerful and never afraid to portray the ugly, destructive face of ignorance and prejudice, 'Romper Stomper' excites, disturbs, and boldly challenges the viewer.

Winner of 3 Australian Institute Awards, including Best Actor (Russell Crowe), film critics have hailed Romper Stomper as one of the most brilliant, provocative and truly exciting motion pictures to appear on the screen.


R2 Spain

As the new night nurse at a soon to be abandoned children's hospital readies the last group of orphans to leave, it becomes increasingly clear that these are not normal children. Something living in the hospital, something the children call the "mechanical girl," has a terrifying hold over them and will stop at nothing to keep them in the hospital with her forever.

La Plus Longue Nuit du Diable aka Devil's Nightmare


Taking refuge in a remote castle, a group of eight people find themselves stalked by servants of Satan and become victims of a family curse. With a saucy homicidal succubus (Blanc) as his messenger, what will the debauched lord of darkness promise in return for their souls?

El Dia de la Bestia

R2 Spain

A basque priest finds by means of a cabalistic study of the bible that the anti-christ is going to be born on Christmas day in Madrid. Helped by a heavy-metal fan and by the showman of a TV esoteric program, he will try to invoke the devil to find out the place of birth and kill the baby.

Sepultura- Chaos A.D.

Motörhead -25 & Alive Boneshaker

Limited Edition DVD+CD

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The People Under the Stairs

R2 Spain

Trapped inside a fortified home owned by a mysterious couple, an impoverished young boy is suddenly thrust into a nightmare. Quickly learning the true nature of the house's homicidal inhabitants, the boy battles against sadistic security devices, befriends an elusive and abused young girl and finally learns the secret of the creatures deep within the house...