Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Magnificent Butcher

R2 Portugal

Yuen Woo-ping directs this classic of the period kung fu epic. Butcher Wing (Sammo Hung) is the most talented and the most troublesome pupil of Master Wong (Kwan Tak-hing). One day while helping to stop a robbery, Butcher runs afoul of the power, and evil, Master Ko (Lee Hoi-sang), resulting eventually in a duel between Ko and Master Wong. Meanwhile, Butcher's long lost brother Lam Sai-kwong comes to town with his beautiful bride Yuet Mei. Master Ko's son Tai-hoi (Fung Hark-on) hoodwinks the country bumpkin into thinking that Butcher owes him a stack of money, taking Yuet Mei as payment. Just as Sai-kwong is about to take a flying leap off a bridge, he is saved by a wily beggar (Fan Mui-sang) with surprisingly good kung fu ability. Eventually, Sai-kwong, Butcher and the beggar unite to free Yuet Mei from Master Ko's clutches, only to create a whole new set of problems.


Spawn said...

Ora aqui esta um filme que nunca vi e que parece ser bom. Mas não o encontro a venda, com ou sem slipcase, mas não vou desistir...

Fica bem.

siebenburgen said...

Boas Spawn,

O Magnificent Butcher é considerado um dos melhores do Sammo Hung ,mas isso já deves saber.
Não desistas de procurar ,mas até aqui em Lisboa nunca mais vi este DVD à venda...

Obrigado pela visita.