Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sky High

R2 France

From Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamara (Versus, Azumi) comes this supernatural tale of grief and vengeance based on the popular manga by author Tsutomu Takahashi. When Detective Kanzaki Kohei's (Shosuke Tanihara) wife, Mina, is brutally murdered, his mourning soon gives way to rage and his search for the killer turns into an all-consuming obsession. Faced with the choice of ascending, languishing, or descending when she arrives at the Gate of Hatred in the afterlife, Mina is given 12 days to choose her ultimate fate. As Mina struggles to come to terms with her death, she follows both her husband and the serial killer, who is attempting to resurrect the Lord of Darkness by committing a series of horrific ritual murders. Will Mina accept death and move on toward reincarnation, become a ghost that will forever haunt the living, or sacrifice her soul for eternity by seeking vengeance on her killer?

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